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Kirby Fleet

Kirby Fleet

The U.S. inland waterway system is comprised mainly of the Mississippi River and its tributaries and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (see map below) and is one of the busiest, cost-efficient, productive and safest transportation systems in the world. The inland waterway system comprises 12,000 miles of navigable interconnected rivers, canals and intracoastal waterways serving the U.S. as water highways.

The U.S. also benefits from the coastwise trade of bulk liquid and dry products to ports along the East Coast, Gulf Coast and West Coast, as well as in Alaska and Hawaii.

Data as of April 1, 2020

Inland Tank Barge Fleet

  • Petrochemicals and refined products 905
  • Black oil 169
  • Pressure 73
  • Anhydrous ammonia 10
  • Total 1,157
  • Total Barrel Capacity 26.3MM

Inland Towboat Fleet

  • Approximately 350

Coastal Tank Barge Fleet

  • Refined products/petrochemicals 33
  • Black oil 16
  • Total 49
  • Total Barrel Capacity 4.7MM

Coastal Tugboat Fleet

  • Total 47

Offshore Dry-Bulk Cargo Fleet

  • Dry-bulk barge and tugboat units 4
  • Deadweight tonnage 78,000